California SAT Scores for 1992-2001

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This page provides all the California Public High School SAT scores since 1992 as reported by the California Department of Education.

In addition to the SAT data, Advanced Placement data are also available for some years. AP classes are college level courses offered in some high schools. Each Spring, AP students throughout the world take the same test at the same time to see how well they've mastered the material. The scores shown here only report data from California public high schools. The scores range from 1 to 5. Some colleges and universities accept a score of 3 and above as evidence that a student may skip the first year course.

The data are available in a variety of forms.

  • You can send a query about a particular school. To do that:

    1. Type the first two or three letters of the school's name here:
      • To get state scores, type state. To get county wide scores, type the first few letters of the county name.
      • To see an entire school district, type the district's ID code. The ID code is first six or seven digits of a school's complete LEA code.
    2. Either press Enter or click this button: .

  • Top Fifty Schools
    Each year, I rank the schools based on their average SAT scores.
    Data are available for: 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, and1995.

  • Old SAT score conversion chart.
  • SATs by State

  • Some caveats about interpreting these data.
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    Want more information?

    • This article describes the lengths the State Board of Education will go to avoid testing textbooks.

    • Douglas Carnine's article on Direct Instruction vs. Whole Language is an excellent follow-up.

    • Looking for SAT-9 or STAR data? Try CDE.

    • Math League provides national math competition data on public and private schools. In 1997, California Schools that performed well on the Math League's competition also tended to fare well on the ASHME.

    • Whitney High is an outstanding school in California. Through a combination of focus, recurring evaluations and discipline, the school has consistently out performed the rest of the California public high schools.

    • The Fordham Foundation has commissioned a survey of the different state standards. California's jargon-free math standards were rated at the top.

    • Palo Alto, California Stanford Achievement Test scores for K-8 are available at: Honest Open Logical Debate on math reform.

      This site is notable in that it contains data that repudiates the California Mathematics Framework that was in place in the early 90's. In 1992, Palo Alto was ranked in the 91'st percentile for 8'th grade math. By 1994, two years after adopting a program approved by the Framework, Palo Alto's scores had slipped to 81'st. Moreover, a little under half the students could not answer what 900 divided by 3 was without a calculator.

    • Mathematically Correct is an excellent collection of information and additional links.

    • Mathematics Achievement of Chinese, Japanese and American Children is a summary of an article that appeared in Science magazine.

    • Are Japanese Children Overly Stressed by School? summarizes one of the author's findings in their 10 year follow up study.

    • How Homework Really Pays Off is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle that describes the benefits of consistent homework.

    • US News University ranking is a list of some of the top universities in the country based on a variety of criteria. The table shows the SAT scores for the freshman class.

    Textbook Selection

    • Richard Feynman and The Textbook Selection Process. This is a summary of Richard Feynman's experiences when he agreed to sit on the California textbook selection committee.

    • Cartersville, Georgia's experience. Harold Barnett is the superintendent of a K-12 school district in Cartersville, GA. The eighth grade in Mr. Barnett's district has the highest 8'th grade math scores in Georgia (ITBS). This article talks about Mr. Barnett's experience with the Georgia Department of Education's textbook selection process.

    Challenging Programs

    • Stanford's EPGY program is an alternative for those of you with very bright children. It is a home based curriculum that has middle school children passing the calculus Advanced Placement tests.
    • Mathcounts is a national math coaching and competition program for 7th and 8th grade students.


    Future Additions...

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    • If you know of data sources for additional states or grade levels, please contact me and I'll add those states as well.

    Last updated June 23, 2003